Blackline Personal Safety Monitoring 

Industry-leading Lone Worker and Gas Detection Solutions

Features & Benefits

  • Fully-connected personal safety monitor with intrinsically safe hardware

  • Cellular and satellite models available 

  • Green SureSafe indicator light informs the employee that his or her safety is being monitored in real-time

  • Blue LiveResponse light confirms help is on the way

  • Two-way text messaging in cellular and satellite areas

  • Optional two-way voice communication

  • Fall, no-motion and missed check-in detection

  • Manual SOS latch

  • Assisted-GPS location technology

  • Indoor location technology

  • Includes all features offered by G7 Standard

  • Single or quad-gas sensor cartridge with choice of:
    H2S, LEL, O2, CO, NH3, SO2 or Cl2 detection

  • G7 gas cartridges are disposable at the end of their service life

  • Monitor all devices with one, easy to use cloud-hosted portal

  • Quickly locate and respond to a worker in distress with our live map and alert management system

  • Customize device configurations with real-time, over-the-air device updates

  • Trigger and manage evacuations and mass-notify employees by text and optional voice communications (G7c)


Blackline Safety G7 Brochure