Experience Is Everything

Why Work with Advantage Asset Tracking? 

Advantage Asset Tracking is a value-added Geotab reseller that has been supporting Geotab for some of the largest fleets in North America over the last 10 years.  We're excited to be part of the State of California - Geotab Telematics Contract.  Our experience supporting Geotab for public entities includes cities, counties, public utilities, universities and law enforcement agencies. 

As a fleet and asset management consultation company, Advantage Asset Tracking strives to understand your business and provide solutions that fit with your operational needs and resource allocations. We understand the challenges a Government fleet manager faces every day. As one of the longest operating Geotab Resellers, Advantage Specializes in: 

  • Project planning and deployment

  • Role specific training and support 

  • Integrating systems with Geotab

  • Benchmarking and using Geotab's robust data to identify areas of improvement

  • Public works operations

  • Law enforcement operations

  • Custom reporting 

In a crowded reseller market, our experience and access to a suite of custom-built Geotab services for reporting, enhanced insight into fleet operations and tools for users at all levels separates us from the crowd.  

We look forward to working with you. 

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