How does Lytx DriveCam work?

The DriveCam device mounts to a vehicle’s windshield and is set up to record the road ahead and inside of the vehicle. Video recordings are captured when the camera is triggered, either by a sudden change in motion (like hard braking, swerving, or collision) or a specific behavior, like cell phone use. Each video clip includes the moments before and after a risky driving event occurs. When the DriveCam camera is triggered to record, lights flash to notify the driver of the recording. In addition, drivers can manually capture video when needed.
You can also set the DriveCam device for continual recording or live streaming. Continual recording captures up to 100 hours of video from the camera. Live streaming can help you understand road conditions, blocked access, and other issues drivers might encounter. Recording video with a fleet dash cam and the Lytx Video Platform is just the beginning. Lytx customers have options for additional services based on their business goals. • Looking to save time by focusing on the moments that represent true risk? Our
award-winning machine vision and artificial intelligence algorithms filter out noise to accurately detect and deter risky behavior in real time.
• Want the benefits of in-cab, real-time driver alerts† and risk management without having to record driver-facing video? Our algorithms can detect risky behaviors as they occur and issue alerts to help drivers self-correct without recording footage.
• Ready for a full safety program that offers comprehensive analytics and reporting, human review, and best-in-class coaching workflows? Our Driver Safety Program may be right for you.
• Need to track your fleet with GPS to optimize efficiency and improve customer service? Our Fleet Tracking Service allows you to track vehicles with the added power of video.

How does Lytx differ from competitors?

Lytx draws from more than 20 years of experience and billions of miles of professionally reviewed driving video that enables us to offer intelligent, proven solutions for fleets. While any dash cam system can bombard you with video clips and leave you to sort for the ones that are meaningful, our solutions focus on capturing true risk, delivering fast, reliable results while helping you gain efficiency.
Our team is continuously innovating, drawing from the latest in sensor fusion, machine vision, artificial intelligence, and behavior science to create technologies that help fleets quickly achieve long-lasting results with minimal time and effort.
In addition, we place a strong emphasis on customer service and offer a customizable product portfolio that can be tailored to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Is DriveCam effective?

Fleets across all industries have seen results from using Lytx and the DriveCam device, including reducing claims costs up to 80%. Here are some client stories that demonstrate the DriveCam technology’s effectiveness:
Liquid Environmental Solutions saw an 80% reduction in traffic violations, a 58% reduction in the severity of risky driving events, and a 60% reduction in driver cell phone use.
Cargo Transporters experienced an 83% decrease in near collisions, a 76% reduction in traffic violations, and a 33% drop in unbelted drivers.
DNK Management achieved an 85% reduction in the severity of risky driving events, an 85% improvement in safe following practices, and an 82% improvement in seat belt use.

Is DriveCam always recording?

The DriveCam camera can record the way you want. It can passively record in a short, constant loop, but only save footage when triggered by an incident. When triggered, the DriveCam device saves a short video clip that includes footage immediately before, during, and after the event.
In addition, you can configure the DriveCam camera to continually record or live stream. Drivers can also manually enable recording when needed. For fleets with particular privacy concerns, our MV+AI is also capable of detecting risky behaviors such as cell phone use, seat belt noncompliance, eating, drinking, or smoking, and alerting the driver – without having to record video.



Why Do Our Customers Need An Advantage Fuel Center?

• To enable managers to spot fuel card discrepancies before they get out of hand

• Advanced IFTA ReportingDisplay only relevant data in an easy-to-consume dashboard

• Save companies time, money, and frustration by detecting fuel card fraud automatically

• Automatically import transactions into Geotab

What is our focus when we introduced our Fuel Center Program?

• Ease of use
- All data and reports at your fingertips within a couple of clicks

• Accuracy of data
- Behind the scenes algorithms to ensure accurate detection of fuel card misuse
- Correcting gas station locations

How Does Our Fuel Center Program work?

- Dashboard • Custom Reporting
• Immediately see the most recent flagged transactions
• Worst offenders list
• Filter by dates and adjust thresholds for flagging bad transactions • Export transactions into an Excel report - Customize
• Type of transactions
• Vehicles
• Vehicle Groups
• Fuel Cards
• Date Range

- Geotab Import
• Automatically import all transactions into Geotab
• Adds fuel purchases to the Advanced IFTA Report

- Advantage Fuel Card
• Add fuel cards that will be tracked by the app
• Mass import with a csv file

What is the difference between the Base Plan vs the Pro Plan?

• Location Mismatch
• Fuel Type Mismatch
• No Device Data Alert
• Geotab Import
• Advanced IFTA (no fuel used)

• Fuel Level Mismatch
• Location Mismatch
• Fuel Type Mismatch
• No Device Data Alert
• Geotab Import
• Advanced IFTA (no fuel used)