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Public Fleets Trust Advantage

Why Work with Advantage Asset Tracking? 

As a fleet and asset management consultation company, Advantage Asset Tracking strives to understand your business and provide solutions that fit with your operational needs and resource allocations. We understand the challenges a Government fleet manager faces every day. As one of the longest operating Geotab Resellers, Advantage Specializes in:   

  • Project planning and deployment

  • Role specific training and support 

  • Integrating systems with Geotab

  • Benchmarking and using Geotab's robust data to identify areas of improvement

  • Custom reporting 

Your fleet often speaks about your organization louder than any marketing campaign could. The bigger the fleet, the louder it speaks and the harder it is to influence the message it sends. That’s because your fleet is visible to everyone, even if the vehicles aren’t moving. Sometimes especially if they are not moving.


As your telematics partner, we will work with you to ensure you to achieve the right message whenever a truck, van, or car rolls out.

Introducing the Geotab Advantage

The telematics industry has evolved greatly over the years and Geotab continues to be the industry leader in innovation, expandability, customization, and ease of use.  Our industry experts at Advantage Asset Tracking can help you navigate through the complex world of fleet telematics.  Our team has supported hundreds of businesses with the Geotab solution for the past 10+ years and we specialize in both small and enterprise-wide deployments, custom 3rd party software integrations, custom reporting and ensuring customers gain the highest possible VALUE out of the solution.

First Responders

Keep your clients up to date with what's happening. To make this content your own, just add your images, text and links, or connect to data from your collection.  

Winter Operations

Understanding, measuring and monitoring your winter operations is key to increasing productivity, safety and benchmarking for budgets. Geotab's robust winter operations features provide routing tools, substance spreader insights, current and historical plow status, color coded public-facing map links for plow events over the past 48 hours and more.   

Public Utilities 

Geotab has helped countless public utilities use data to gain insight into asset utilization, maintenance scheduling,  IOT sensor measurements.  From waste management routing, bin counting and waste contamination reporting to electric utility aerial activity monitoring, electronic driver vehicle inspection reports and more, Geotab has the tools public utilities need to improve safety, productivity and reduce costs.     

Smart Cities 

Data is available at a 

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