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Productivity, Efficiency and Sustainability with Geotab

Missouri Statewide Contract Simplifies Fleet Maintenance and Operations While Making it Affordable

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Geotab, ranked the #1 commercial telematics provider worldwide and recognized as a leader in innovative fleet management technology and solutions, has a cooperative bid contract with the State of Missouri.


Any government agency in the state can buy the service, with no need to go to tender, through Advantage Asset Tracking at the low price of $19.75 a month with no hardware or installation costs, and no term contract.

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Geotab is the industry leader in GPS/telematics, with up to the second GPS location, and the ability to remotely poll vehicle telematics from almost any vehicle. Monitor driver behavior and safety, such as speeding, aggressive driving, productivity, compliance, fleet sustainability and even determine electric vehicle (EV) suitability.


What’s included and what does it cost?

$19.75* per month. This low price Includes the following:

What are the terms?

We Are the Leading Geotab Reseller

Right Here in MO

Advantage Asset Tracking has 13 years of experience selling and supporting Geotab as one of its sole service providers. We have a customized Geotab deployment and support program designed specifically for the State of Missouri Government Agencies.

Our technology roadmap enables fleet maintenance integrations, winter operations telemetry, advanced engine diagnostic reporting, fuel management reporting/fuel pump integrations, and dash cameras.

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There is no contract, you pay month by month, no early termination fees. If you’re not happy, then keep the hardware and pay no more.



Active Tracking — offers high-precision location information and shows smooth, live vehicle movements on a map. 

Automation of time consuming workflows — deliver a high level of service by measuring the activity of every vehicle in your fleet with simplified real-time reporting.

Optimized performance — know the location and route of your fleet, monitor how much salt is being put down, measure the performance of a truck and the effectiveness of the fleet at large.

Manage operating costs — get real-time visibility on the performance of drivers and current state of snow removal and deicing to monitor overall operating costs.


Public works and winter operations with public facing mapping (snow route updates)* 

Dash cameras — evaluate live video of road conditions.
Automated reporting — for regulatory compliance and billing.

Accident detection — with real-time notifications.
Accurately measure winter equipment usage and conduct preventive maintenance.

Route optimization — for reduced mileage.
Idling and fuel consumption trend reports.

*Public Works / Winter Operations Features: street sweeper brush activity, live payload monitoring, mowing activity, plow & wing blade position sensors, material spreader thruputs, active tracking (Up to the second location), 511 travel info integration, real time dispatching, public facing maps (for plow route status), road temp integration, live dash & backup cameras, routing & dispatching, light bar status, and Bluetooth® beacon monitoring (IOX-BT).

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