Together for our planet

Advantage Asset Tracking is committed to environmental sustainability, both in the manner in which we operate and in the products and services we provide.  Environmental sustainability at Advantage Asset Tracking is acknowledged and measured by our direct and indirect impact on the environment.  

From how we conserve energy and dispose of waste in our offices and how we choose to replace air and land travel with web-based customer and partner meetings, Advantage is committed to consciously considering the environmental impact of our operations.  The products we provide are at the forefront of helping government and private entities measure and understand their global carbon impact.

- Andrew Kopecki 

We provide and support tools that monitor Co2 emissions and idling reduction, products that identify more efficient vehicle routing and utilization, as well as a data-driven Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment where customers can identify suitable electric vehicle replacements within their fleet as well as ideal EV charging station locations based on the current utilization of their combustion engine vehicles.


Advantage Asset Tracking is truly at the forefront of helping organizations improve sustainability and that starts with a corporate commitment to sustainability across all aspects of our operations. 

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